Condensate Probiotic Pan Tablet

Contains a slow release enzymes which will release over time and help the condensate tray of the air-conditioning unit to stay clean and free of blockages and odour.

Coil Defender Pan Tablet

The drain pan of air conditioning units can be the dirtiest component in the entire unit. It is wet, dark and easily contaminated with slime and mould. This unique tablet is a blend of enzymes that naturally break down the bacteria and mould allowing it to easily be flushed down the drain. The concentrated enzymes are non toxic and environmentally friendly.

The air conditioning system is an environment that can concentrate dirt, mould bacteria and pollution. The condensate pan is wet and full of bacteria, mould and dirt. This environment is perfect for the growth of slim and biofilm. This biofilm can potential cause problems to your air conditioning and the surrounding environment.

Firstly it is a source of contamination that can enter the bottom of the coil and slowly block the airflow causing loss of efficiency, damage to the coil and ultimately higher electricity use.

Secondly the contamination can easily block the drain of the pan and cause an overflow of the condensate into the surrounding floor and walls. This condensate water can cause thousands of dollars of damage and remain undetected for many months.

COILDEFENDER has developed a unique enzyme based pan tablet, which protects the condensate pan from the contamination that will naturally occur. The product is a slow release enzyme formulated to break down and stop the growth of bacteria and mould. The tablet is non-toxic, non-corrosive and completely safe for the air conditioning system. The product comes in two sizes for both large and small air conditioning units.

Slime and bacteria build up in the condensate tray of Air-Conditioning Units

Coil Defender Foaming Coil Treatment - Registered NSF International

Coil Defender New Probiotic Pan Tablet Application

Coil Defender Condensate Pan Tablets

Coil Defender Pan Tablet

COIL DEFENDER Condensate Pan tablets are a cage containing a slow release concentrate of enzyme and silver ions. The formulation will stop of growth of mould, slime and bacteria in the condensate tray of air conditioning units. The tablet is formulated to last for 12 months in normal running machines.

Coil Defender Foaming Coil Treatment - Registered NSF International

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Coil Defender Pan Tablet

Condensate Pan Tablets

Coil Defender’s unique enzyme protects the condensate pan from contamination and odour.